Loan Amortization Calculator

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"Loan Amortization Calculator" is an online financial tool for determining the metrics and timeframe involved with an interest bearing loan. It tracks the progress of the loan throughout the course of it's term, and displays the amount of compound interest paid.

The purpose of this project was to demonstrate to users the amount of total interest generated from a typical lending contract, which can be substantial. The calculator provides a way to simulate reduction of this compound interest.

Spoiler: By usage of early incremental payments over time or early lump sum payments, the total compound interest is substantially reduced by the end of the term. The user will discover this over time, but it is also outlined in the directions.

An extensive resource of financial terms has also been compiled from reputable sources and made available for users.

This was an early experiment with the efficacy of .biz domains, partly due to domain campers controlling the board for the more prominent TLD's. In the future the next version will have a shorter more trademarkable name with a ".com" extension.